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Web Development & Digital Marketing

We offer a full package for your business: we talk you through the steps to realize a new website as effortlessly as possible, create digital marketing material or create a branding package. This includes redesigns of existing websites, new web development, SEO improvements, digital advertisement, print advertisement and more.

Digital Services

Kono Design Services Web sites

Website Development

Design and technical development

During the website development process, we assess your business goals, target market and strategy to reflect that in your website. We create easy to use, informative and creative websites to connect with your clients.

Kono Design Business Cards


Logo, colours, fonts

Branding, re-branding or creating your business' personality starts with branding strategy and ends with a new logo, color scheme and a branding voice to talk to your community.

Kono Design Brochure

Photography & Copy

Stand out

Quality photos, videos, and illustrations are key to talk to your clients. Connect with us to discuss details of what we can offer.

Kono Design Services Responsive Layout


Search Engine Optimisation

What we do here is to write content about you, your services or product and the business. SEO efforts are effective in the long-term. It starts with the website being built with the right technical SEO efforts, keywords and keyphrase strategy and valuable content.

Marketing efforts

E-mail marketing, Newsletters, Social Media

We create branded newsletters, E-mail marketing strategies, social media integration and optimization.

Maintenance and Updates

Keep it current

A website is not a stagnant product. It needs backups, technical updates, content upates etc. Enquire with us about the packages we offer, so you keep up to date without having to think about it.


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work together

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